Seizing Asia Africa & America, overview China truck export status.


At earlier 1997, first batch of Chinese made trucks were brought to HongKong for military residence, that batch was government use, which made all Chinese very proud.

Seizing Asia Africa & America, overview China truck export status. Seizing Asia Africa & America, overview China truck export status.
Now SINOTRUK is invading HongKong market with its HOWO and HOWO A7 models. And this time, it is totally market choice behavior. It has been almost 20 years since 1997, the progress is admirable.
In fact, China has long history of exporting trucks. 

At 60s to 80s last century, China started export some of its industry products, including trucks, and such export had been foreign aid between governments, such as Algeria, Africa and North Korea. Back to that time, truck makers were mainly FAW and DONGFENG EQ140.

DONGFENG dongfeng
With fast development of economy in last three decades, China exports its trucks to worldwide, mainly to West Asia, South Asia, Africa and South America.
Compared with exporting models to domestic models, there are no big difference, same module, same engine assy and parts supply. But the difference is that there are many specification choices for domestic market, but much simple for exporting models.

In 2011, China truck exported more than 250,000 trucks, and SINOTRUK exported 20,853 trucks, SHACMAN exported 10,000. From 2011 to 2014, the figures had been grown 20% each year. 
Have exported tens of thousands of trucks worldwide, it is now to face the hidden troubles. For most truck makers and trucks, the after sales were almost same: little service, repair yourself.

SINOTRUK Brazil Hongyan truck
So for the next many years, if China truck makers wish to fight for more market share from traditional European truck makers, after sales service upgrade is very necessary.