Genuine, OEM, and Fake, briefing on heavy truck parts status.


80% of heavy truck spare parts in Chinese market are FAKE. This is the chaos of current status.

Genuine, OEM, and Fake.

There are three types of parts in market, genuine, OEM, and fake.

OEM parts are not fake, because they are produced by qualified factories, and some of the factories supply truck maker production lines, as same as genuine parts, only difference is what label sticking on.

Fake parts are pervasive and very hazardous, commonly using OEM and genuine brands of labels. If not realized, you thought you bought a good part with such a happy price, but it's not.

Using such parts would make the vehicle under high failure rate, shorten the service life of the vehicle, and even affect the motion of the vehicle safety.

Genuine, OEM, and Fake.

Easily broken parts and common consumption parts are needed in big quantity, so it is very attractive to fake parts makers, all kinds of filters and oil are in this situation.

Fake oil is generally replaced  old engine oil, with simple extraction, purification and then add some additives, then it's done.This fake oil do not have new oil by clean and dispersion effect. Lubrication function also fell greatly. After use the oil, there will be sludge deposition and carbon deposition. The direct consequences is to shorten the service life of the engine.

Genuine, OEM, and Fake.

Fake braking is the enemy of braking, brake piece has a direct relationship to braking effect, and, braking distance will be 30% longer than genuine braking parts.

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