Look at the MONSTER !! ---Overview Those Enormous Mining Trucks


-Mining trucks are a type of heavy trucks that undertake heavy duty for transport from rock stripping to  processing, short distance but huge loading. Usually loaded by large scale hydraulic or electric shovel.

-In mining business, mining trucks are key point of high efficiency and high productivity. Cooperating with other  equipment, the trucks need to work for days constantly, under this circumstance, it need to be strong, stable and reliable.

-These are famous mining trucks made by new popular manufacturer and traditional producers.

Caterpillar 797
797 type had the honor to get the title of “world biggest truck 2000-2001”, its V24 engine has spectacular 3400

horse power. The giant is 23 feet high, 47.5 feet long and 30 feet wide, and 50 feet high when cargo box is lifted.

There are 8 computers watching oil pressure, torque data, performance and tire temperatures. Regarding its

tire, it is custom made by Michelin, each is 13 feet high, priced 30,000 dollars. 797 is equipped by 850 gallon

fuel box, and 1800 gallon is optional.

The truck is sold at 3,400,000 dollars.
Behind each wheel, there is a set of disk brake which is 42 inch wide, set in front wheel has 10 pieces of disks,

and set in rear wheel has 15. Computer is in charge of brake cooling system, and transit 1160 gallon of oil

through cooler on brake disk each minute, in order to take away huge heat.

Cargo box of 797 could contain 360 tons of stones, but easily reach 400 tons when operational, considering its

288 tons of self weight, total weight reaches 648 tons. Despite the heavy body, its max speed can reach 40

miles per hour.
Its consumption is as good as crazy, 65 gallon per hour, means each gallon only for 0.3 mile. But the same

truck, working day and night, just has a short break at a regular time.

In November 2010, Bucyrus was merged to CAT. The MT6300 AC is powered by a 4 stroke and 20 cylinder

MTU/DDC Series 4000 diesel engine, alternating current driving system, in-wheel motor three level speed

reduction, max speed 64km/h, biggest total weight 603 tons, double circus hydraulic braking system, minus

turning radius is 16.2 meters.

MT6300AC Main Data:

* LxHxW:15.6×9.7×7.9m

* Horse Power:2797kW(3805 hp)

* Loading:363 tons

* Volume:206 M³


At present, biggest ton level of electric drive mining dump truck in China is XCMG DE400, big volume, heavy

load, low self-weight. Loading capacity achieves 400 tons, that’s about 6 train compartments when they are full

loaded. Despite the enormous size, it drives easily, max speed is 50 km/h, lifting timing is 24s.
With advanced alternating current driving system, imported clean energy electric control diesel engine, DE400

has 3650 horse power output.

Liebherr T282C
T282, 327 tons total weight was published in 1999, and T282B, as updated type, was release in 2004, total

weight 363 tons. Their successor T282C made its first appearance at Bauma Germany in April 2010, AC drive,

5250L fuel tank, 64km/h max speed and total weight 600 tons.
T282C main data:

* LxWxH:15.6×9.6×8.3m

* Max power:2722kW(3703hp)/1800rpm

* Rated weight:363 tons

* Volume:218 M³

960E series is the biggest mining truck that KOMATSU has, issued in 2008, its engine is KOMATSU SSDA

18V170 diesel engine with 18 cylinders, 5300L fuel tank, total weight576 tons, max speed is 64km/h.

Main data:

* LxWxH:15.6×9.6×7.4m

* Max power:2610kW(3551 hp)/1900rpm

* Rated weight:327 tons

* Volume:214 M³