Chinese Engines, Long Way to Go.


In automobile industry, heavy truck is Goldbach Conjecture upon automobile technology, and more importantly, heavy truck engine is the crown of Goldbach Conjecture. From the past till now, all advanced technology and high end specifications of luxury cars, are second-hand techs from high end heavy trucks.
As a result, making a general view of latest technology and fashion in automobile industry, the standard of measuring qualification to this Crown would be heavy truck engine technology. Though some manufacturers in China cloned a few high end trucks, comparing with international truck leaders, the gap is huge. Without three decades of concentration on study and hard work, the gap is unable to be narrowed.
Considering exhaust standard has been keeping rising, and control and management to over loading has been increasing in China, the trend of big horse power and big exhaust is pretty clear.
During Shanghai Exhibition last month, transnational commercial truck makers brought many types, showed their high quality engines. The biggest exhaust of Chinese brand is 13L, 480hp. However, the transnational makers brought 15L and 16L, 600hp. At present, these environmental big power engines are unable to be manufactured in China, still under the stage of R&D. 
In recent years, with missing of core technology for engines, it is clearly a bottleneck for Chinese heavy truck development. With many co-operations under the terms of trading market for technology, Chinese manufacturers are fighting market battles with different allies. 
European countries will start implement Euro-VI emission standard since 2012.12.31. In order to occupy the commanding heights, the industry leaders have launched series of engines and vehicles accordingly.

Recently, Mercedes Benz Daimler issued its OM471 engine, named “Blue Efficiency Power ”. With this issue of engine, Benz is the first manufacturer on earth meets Euro-VI standard. This in-line 6 cylinders, 12.8L exhaust, 421 to 510 hp power engine was special designed for European market, costed 5 years from research to issue, and its main technology includes SCR, EGR and DPF.