Dropping Boxes, A New Method.


As domestic market is going regular and competition goes intense, logistic companies are looking for and trying new ways to increase the efficiency and lower and operation cost.

One way is to replace their former low-cost and low-performance trucks into high-end ones. Constant reliable performance is the best way to save money, though purchasing cost would be 50% higher.  Another way is adapting an old but newly tried method: dropping cargo box.

It is quite another form of dropping trailers which are commonly used. The advantage is that it is better for smaller volume, especially for express companies, their operation unit is smaller than a volume of a trailer.

Dropping Boxes, A New Method. Dropping Boxes, A New Method.

The idea was from 1960s west Germany, during which time transport business was booming and needed more trucks and higher efficiency. The mighty German found that much time was wasted on loading and unloading, then the first German made swap body was made in 1965. The problem was that different boxes were made to different configs, so one company’s boxes could not be loaded by other companies’ trucks.   But by 1970, the standard was made, and was carried on till now.

Dropping Boxes, A New Method.

The drop box is made by box body and four moving legs which can be pulled out and swing, to stand along.

The trucks should be a cargo truck chassis, with lifting device, positioning and locking device, quite special made. The advantage than dropping of trailer is that it is designed to transport 3 to 4 cargo boxes at a time, fuel consumption would be 35% lower and less hired drivers.

Dropping Boxes, A New Method.

Dropping Boxes, A New Method.

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