Shacman Truck Spare Parts
● Full range of genuine parts in stock, engines, transmissions, axle, cabin,
suspension and accessories.

● Long-term cooperation with DHL, FedEX and TNT, for small quantity, parts will be
sent out within 2 days, saving a lot of time for clients in truck repair business.

● SHACMAN spare parts system will help us to check specifications of your truck, making the parts you order are the ones you need.
● We provide catalogs for free, some of catalogs are demonstrated on our website, please contact us to get full set, it will help you to locate the parts you need.


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Warehouse for Shacman Truck Spare Parts




Easily Broken Parts List

Item Group Part Name
1 Cabin Headlamp ass. -left
2 Cabin Headlamp ass. -right
3 Cabin Front lamp -left
4 Cabin Front lamp -right
5 Cabin Bottom view mirror
6 Cabin Bumper ass.
7 Cabin Door glass assembly
8 Cabin Front cover
9 Cabin Handle
10 Cabin Handle
11 Cabin Hydr. hand pump
12 Cabin Key core
13 Cabin Lower step-left
14 Cabin Lower step-right
15 Cabin Rear view mirror -left
16 Cabin Rear view mirror -right
17 Cabin Shock absorber
18 Cabin Side steering lamp -left
19 Cabin Side steering lamp -right
20 Cabin Instrument Cluster
21 Cabin Washing Equipment
22 Cabin Window lifter -right
23 Cabin Window lifter - left
24 Cabin Right Door
25 Cabin Left Door
26 Cabin Windscreen
27 Cabin Left mud plate
28 Cabin Right mud plate
29 Cabin Driver's seat
30 Cabin Battery cover
31 Cabin Headlamp ass. -right
32 Cabin Air spring for front cover
33 Cabin Front fender front part, right
34 Cabin Front fender front part, left
35 Cabin Front fender rear part, left
36 Cabin Front fender rear part, right
37 Cabin Rear fender right side
38 Cabin Rear fender left side
39 Cabin  AC control panel
40 Transmission Transmission ass.
41 Transmission Input shaft
42 Transmission Auxiliary shaft-left
43 Transmission 2nd gear
44 Transmission 1st gear
45 Transmission Reverse gear
46 Transmission Small cover ass.
47 Transmission Shifting shaft
48 Transmission Shifting shaft
49 Transmission Rocking arm
50 Transmission Spring washer
51 Transmission Support lever ass.
52 Transmission Selecting gear rod 
53 Transmission Reverse gear fork shaft 
54 Transmission Block-reverse gear
55 Transmission 1st&2nd gear fork shaft
56 Transmission 1st&2nd gear fork shaft 
57 Transmission 3rd&4th gear fork shaft 
58 Transmission Block-forward gear
59 Transmission 3rd&4th gear fork shaft
60 Transmission Shaft assembly
61 Transmission Speedometer sensor
62 Transmission Pressure switch
63 Transmission Bearing Central
64 Transmission 50 PTO
65 Transmission Universal joint
66 Transmission Cylinder of diff lock
67 Transmission Clutch assembly
68 Transmission Clutch platen
69 Driving Axle Differential housing(left)
70 Driving Axle Differential housing(right)
71 Driving Axle Tapered roller bearing
72 Driving Axle Half shaft gear
73 Driving Axle Planetary gear
74 Driving Axle Flange ass.
75 Driving Axle  Rear axle housing ass.
76 Driving Axle Lever assembly
77 Driving Axle Rear wheel hub 
78 Driving Axle Tapered roller bearing
79 Driving Axle Planet carrier
80 Driving Axle Hub reduction gear housing
81 Driving Axle Planet gear
82 Driving Axle Planet gear shaft
83 Driving Axle Inner gear ring
84 Driving Axle Sun gear
85 Driving Axle Half shaft-left
86 Driving Axle Half shaft-right
87 Driving Axle Rear brake drum
88 Driving Axle Brake base plate 
89 Driving Axle Brake camshaft-left
90 Driving Axle Brake camshaft-right
91 Driving Axle Slack adjusting device - left
92 Driving Axle Slack adjusting device - right
93 Driving Axle Brake shoe assembly
94 Driving Axle Tapered roller bearing
95 Front Axle Bracket ass.-left
96 Front Axle Bracket ass.-right
97 Front Axle Thrust bearing
98 Front Axle Knuckle -left
99 Front Axle Knuckle - right
100 Front Axle Front hub ass.
101 Front Axle Roller bearing
102 Front Axle Roller bearing
103 Front Axle Tie rod assembly(φ50)
104 Front Axle Ball joint(left)
105 Front Axle tie rod
106 Front Axle Ball joint(right)
107 Front Axle Tie rod ass.
108 Front Axle Brake drum
109 Front Axle Brake shoe assembly
110 Front Axle Brake camshaft 
111 Front Axle Slack adjuster
112 Front Axle Universal joint
113 Front Axle Steering wheel
114 Front Axle Steering gearbox
115 Front Axle Hydraulic pump
116 Front Axle Oil tank
117  Front Suspension Leaf spring assembly  
118 Front Suspension Leaf spring assembly  
119 Front Suspension Shock absorber
120 Front Suspension Stabilizer bar assembly
121 Front Suspension Plate assembly
122 Front Suspension Rear leaf spring
123 Front Suspension Shock Absorber
124 Front Suspension Rear Stabilizer bar
125 Electric Electrical junction box
126 Electric Lighting switch
127 Electric Fog switch
128 Electric Rear fog switch
129 Electric Hazard switch
130 Electric Horn switch
131 Electric Steering column stalk
132 Electric Pressure switch
133 Electric Solenoid valve
134 Electric Cab wireness
135 Brakes Solenoid valve
136 Brakes Draining valve
137 Brakes Over-flow valve
138 Brakes Spring cylinder
139 Brakes Parking brake valve
140 Brakes Relay valve
141 Brakes Angle bracket
142 Brakes Clutch master cylinder
143 Brakes Spring brake actuator
144 Engine WD615.62 engine
145 Engine Camshaft bush
146 Engine Camshaft bush
147 Engine Cylinder liner
148 Engine Bearing shell pair
149 Engine Compressor gear cover
150 Engine Oil sealing(front)
151 Engine Camshaft gear cover
152 Engine Fly wheel housing
153 Engine Belt pulley
154 Engine Crankshaft gear
155 Engine Crankshaft for WD615.87/62
156 Engine Flywheel ring gear
157 Engine Flywheel for WD615.69/87/62
158 Engine Ring pair
159 Engine Piston for WD615.62/87
160 Engine Connecting rod ass.
161 Engine Bearing shell pair(upper)
162 Engine Bearing shell pair(lower)
163 Engine Camshaft
164 Engine Rigid fan-Φ590
165 Engine Flange for Rigid fan
166 Engine Water pump assembly
167 Engine Tensioning roller
168 Engine Belt for water pump
169 Engine Oil pump
170 Engine Oil radiator
171 Engine Fuel injector pump 
172 Engine Injection pipe
173 Engine Fuel injector ass
174 Engine Alternator
175 Engine Starter
176 Engine Turbo supercharger
177 Engine Water cooling air compressor
178 Engine Oil pan ass
179 Engine Air filter Main cartridge
180 Engine Air filter Safety cartridge
181 Engine Diesel fuel filter on frame
182 Engine Fuel Fine filter cartridge
183 Engine Fuel Water Separator Filters
184 Engine Oil filter assembly
185 Accessories Air filter assembly
186 Accessories Inter-cooler
187 Accessories Radiator
188 Accessories Inlet water pipe
189 Accessories Muffler assembly
190 Accessories Fuel tank
191 Accessories Fuel level sensor
192 Accessories Accelerator pedal
193 Accessories Front supporting of engine
194 Accessories Bracket assembly
195 Accessories Right bracket 
196 Accessories Left bracket